Our 4-Step Process

The Lab process is powered by deep biomarkers of Aging and Longevity. The Lab utilizes Evidence Based Medicine coupled with cutting edge medical science and technology to allow patients to fully optimize their Health and Longevity. Your health and wellness program will match you with a Board-certified physician that will guide you through the program and ensure your health goals are achieved.

Your individualized program is comprised of four pillars

Step 1.

Precision Health Analysis

We use a proprietary 25 step intake program combining A.I. driven analysis with personalized deep dive specialty laboratory testing.

Step 2.

Personalized Longevity Protocol

Based on your analysis we customize a personalized medication, hormone and supplement regime to optimize your health and longevity.

Step 3.

Aesthetic Sculpting & Contouring

We utilize machine based technology to help you reach your targeted body goals more quickly and effectively.

Step 4.


All members have unlimited access to our medical staff and suite of machines at no additional cost.  We create a customized maintenance program that allows you to maintain your progress for the long term.

Live Longer. Look Stronger. Love More.